My Family's Journey from Spain


My Sephardic ancestors fled the Iberian Peninsula 500 years ago, during the Inquisition. This is their story and how several relatives and I are going back to reclaim our citizenship.


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rickmegh 1 year ago

Hi Marina, I'm so glad I watched your store moved by it. I know of stories similar to yours from literature, but watching you and listening to you brings abstract images to life - Thank you for sharing! Mine is similar and different at the same time. I was born in Buenos Aires. My father and my grandparents came to Argentina from what was in the early 20th century the Russian Empire. Following my first eighteen years in Argentina, a emigrated to Israel, where at the beginning I could speak in Ladino with Sephardic Jews. Then I also lived seven years in Rome, where many of its Jews came from Spain after the inquisition. Now I live in Long Beach, CA. My last input to LatinX21 was my documentary Piazzolla With Brio. It tells a little bit about my upbringing. Maybe one day we will meet. In the meantime, thank you again for telling your story!

rickmegh 1 year ago

Thank you for your message, Marina. I am not an Instagram user (so far) however, if you want, you can reach me at My story is too complicated to fit into LatinX21's "Mi Cuento" (born and raised in Buenos Aires, 7 years in Rome, on-and-off in Israel, and on-and-off in Southern California.) BUT...I made an autobiographical film trilogy, "Along Our Path," (three parts totaling five hours - it is in Vimeo Private.) I started Part 1 forty years before I was born, with the immigration of my four grandparents and my father from the Russian Empire to Argentina.

rickmegh 2 months ago

Hi Marina, one year after learning of your story, here is the one of my ancestors' immigration to Argentina. Please go to the just-posted "From Ukraine to Basavilbaso."


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