About Latinx21: from CEO Dinah Perez


Dinah Perez talks about her background and her vision for the website.

Watch to feel inspired.
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joegbautista 2 years ago

Thank you Latinx21

Thiago1029 2 years ago

We’re thrilled to join Latinx21. We’ll be submitting videos throughout the year. We love Mrs Perez message about the platform and we’d like to add that not all Latinos are Hispanic. We’re a family of immigrants from Brazil and we are definitely ‘latinos’, even though Spanish is not our native language. Perhaps one of our videos will be about that ‘broadening the Latino definition’ Cheers, Saludos, Beijjnhos!

Latinx21 2 years ago

Thank you @Thiago1029! We can't wait to see your content! :)

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